Named after a flavourful French-Spanish dish, Piperade (pronounced ‘peeh/pay/rahd’) is our signature outdoor restaurant serving mouth-watering multi-cuisine continental fare in an engaging and pleasant open-air ambiance. The outdoor setting gives the ambiance a very lively energy! (Service timings – 7 PM onwards to 11 PM) It serves indulgent and lip-smacking Chinese, Italian, Lebanese, Mexican, and Thai food in a spectacular setting. Regardless of the variety of cuisines, we pride in doing justice to the distinct flavors of each cuisine. Not to mention, candle-lighting on the tables adds to the mystique of the setting. On weekends, one can enjoy their meal here with the accompaniment of enthralling live music. In the chilly months of winter, one can eat while soaking the warmth of small bonfires we light near the tables. The perfect setting for a romantic meal with your beloved or for a gala time with the friends and family.

Features of this signature restaurant:
  • Serves appetizing continental multi-cuisine
  • Breath-taking outdoor ambiance!
  • Candle-lights on tables every night to add charm
  • Melodious live music on the weekends
  • Fountains and mood lighting to create the perfect atmosphere

Our Love for Food


Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We are constantly buying and helping local businesses and organic farmers,
with locally sourced produce.